2 April 2015


Kyiv, Ukraine, 2 April 2015 – IAAF Vice President Sergey Bubka has today announced his plans to launch a complete review of Athletics if he wins the IAAF Presidency later this year. 

‘Vision 2025’ is one of the key elements of Bubka’s IAAF Presidency Program and aims to ensure that the entire Athletics Family works together to build a stronger sport for the future.

Sergey Bubka said: “‘Vision 2025’ will be the most thorough review ever taken into every aspect of Athletics worldwide and will be based on collaboration with the Athletics Family from the very beginning.

“Its aim will be to identify and examine every significant element of our sport and determine how it can be improved to ensure we are in the best possible shape for the future.”

‘Vision 2025’ will see the establishment of specialist working groups to cover the widest range of issues and draw on the best qualified people from Athletics as well as experts from other sports and business sectors. 

Every National Federation will be given the opportunity to contribute to these working groups which will be reviewed and voted upon at an Extraordinary Athletics Congress, which will be held alongside a revamped World Athletics Gala.

The Gala will be a celebration of all of Athletics for every member nation and awards will recognise the achievements and contributions of all Members and stakeholder groups and provide recognition for smaller member federations.

There will be regional awards to celebrate regional heroes and grants will be awarded to those where funding could have the greatest impact.

After a distinguished career as an athlete, Bubka has served for the past 15 years in various senior positions at the IAAF, IOC and Ukraine National Olympic Committee and has always been an advocate for the development of athletics and other sports worldwide.

Sergey Bubka is a candidate for the Presidency of the IAAF, and the election will be held in August 2015 during the IAAF Congress in Beijing, China.

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