11 December 2020

Sergey Bubka: "The post-coronavirus world will need sports and we must contribute to its formation with our Olympic values"

“The current situation in the world requires flexibility, creativity and determination in our actions. Extraordinary circumstances call for extraordinary measures. And the postponement of the Olympic Games in Tokyo is not just an extreme measure, but a historic decision taken to protect the health of athletes and hundreds of thousands of people participating in the Games. Now humanity has realized the importance of the Olympic Movement as never before and the Olympic Games will be a powerful signal of hope for the world in these unprecedented times, " Sergey Bubka emphasized.

"The ancient Greeks, to whom we owe the Olympic Games, knew that with every crisis comes an opportunity. Let us take this opportunity to emerge from this crisis even stronger than before. The post-coronavirus world will need sports, and we must contribute to its formation with our Olympic values, "Sergey Bubka stressed, congratulating the Olympic Family on the 30th anniversary of the NOC of Ukraine.

The delegates acknowledged the work of the Olympic Committee in accordance with the NOC Statutes and the needs of the society.

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